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Here's What Your Dentist Is Looking For During Your Cleaning

If you’re like most people, getting your teeth cleaned probably isn’t high on your priority list. But there’s a lot more to these visits than meets the eye. That’s because dental cleanings play a vital role in your oral health and your overall health. 

Here’s what you can expect during a dental cleaning at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry, and why you shouldn’t wait to schedule your appointment.

The purpose of a dental cleaning

Even if you practice perfect dental hygiene at home by brushing and flossing, we usually recommend that you have professional dental cleanings every six months. These routine visits often include several steps, including: 

Each of these parts of a cleaning helps us look for signs of dental issues, like cavities, decay, and gum disease. They also help us protect the long-term health of your teeth. 

By scheduling these checkups at regular intervals, we can help keep your teeth looking their best and detect dental issues early. When we can treat dental problems in their earliest stages, we lessen the likelihood of long-term complications, especially from gum disease. 

The dangers of gum disease

Gum disease is an oral infection. This common condition can damage the structures supporting your tooth, including soft tissue and bone. Also known as periodontitis, gum disease develops when plaque hardens into tartar on your teeth. 

Plaque is a sticky membrane of bacteria that forms on your teeth and can build up underneath your gumline. Once plaque turns into tartar, you can only remove it with a professional cleaning, not by brushing or flossing.

Without treatment, gum disease can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

Gum disease isn’t just bad for your oral health, either; it can put you at risk for other serious health problems as well. That’s because the bacteria, inflammation, and toxins in your mouth don’t stay there. They enter your bloodstream, moving throughout your entire body. 

More than 120 conditions have connections to dental problems like gum disease, including heart and kidney disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and asthma. It can also increase your chances of Alzheimer’s disease and certain forms of cancer. 

Even though you usually have no symptoms in the early stages of gum disease, we can diagnose it during a dental cleaning. If you have advanced gum disease, we can also develop a personalized treatment strategy to address your condition and preserve your oral health.

To learn more about dental cleanings, contact us at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry in Valencia, California, today. Give us a call, send us a message here on our website, or schedule your appointment using our convenient online booking feature.

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