What we are doing to keep you safe during COVID-19

How We Are Combating Covid-19

The Smudde Family has been in dentistry for almost a century, and have always protected the ones in our care from all of the latest viral outbreaks, and Covid-19 is no different. 


In early March, we began a deep cleaning and disinfection effort to protect our patients from the fast spreading Coronavirus. To ease the minds of our patients and employees, our office has implemented new guidelines to make sure we did everything in our power to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Below are the highlighted cleaning efforts during this virus.




We understand that getting your teeth cleaned may be the last thing on your to do list when trying to stay inside of the house, but we believe it is better to be proactive than reactive. By maintaining a healthy mouth and good hygeine, you lower your risk of contracting viruses or even the common cold.  The magic trick is to rinse with mouthwash twice a day, floss, and brush your teeth, making sure to clear any bacteria out of your mouth at least twice a day. We  guarantee that our office is clean, disinfected, and that we are READY to to see your smiling faces in our office. 

We have always worked to ensure the cleanliness and safety of our office, and feel confident that a confident and healthy smile leads to a healthy YOU!

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