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Why Invisalign Is a Better Option Than Traditional Braces

If you’re considering having your teeth straightened, the first thing that comes to mind might be a mouth full of metal that’s uncomfortable, unsightly, and can put a damper on living your life the way you want to. Treatment options for crooked and misaligned teeth have advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and Invisalign® is leading the way with an all-around better experience.

Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry is a leading provider of Invisalign in Valencia, California. Our patients are highly satisfied with this treatment system, and here’s why we believe it’s a far better option for straightening your teeth and correcting alignment issues than using traditional braces.

Invisalign is a better option when your physical appearance matters to you

You want to look good and feel great while improving your smile, and fixed braces are just not attractive or comfortable. You may be having flashbacks to high school with your braces-wearing friends smiling with mouths full of metal wires and brackets. It’s enough to put anyone off having their teeth straightened as a teen or adult.

Invisalign is completely different, as the aligners are made of clear plastic that fit over your teeth rather than being permanently fixed to them. The natural color of your teeth shows through the aligners — which are virtually invisible to most people — giving you the confidence to smile when you want to.

Invisalign uses innovative technology to make treatment comfortable

Traditional braces are fixed to your teeth with glue and wires that are tightened during regular office visits to move your teeth into the desired position. This is uncomfortable and painful.

Braces can restrict what you eat, as you may have to avoid some foods that get stuck between the brackets and wires. Traditional braces also make it difficult for you to keep on top of your oral hygiene and prevent gum disease and infection, working around all of that metal.

Invisalign aligners fit over your teeth rather than being attached to them, and you simply remove the aligner trays for eating and taking care of your teeth. A custom-made set of aligners is designed for you and made from smooth plastic; as you progress, each new aligner you wear gradually guides your teeth into a more flattering position based on the treatment plan created for you.

Treatment time is shorter with Invisalign

Straightening your teeth with fixed braces isn’t a quick solution. It’s not unusual for treatment with braces to take a couple of years or more, which is a long time to endure an uncomfortable mouth full of metal and frequent office visits for adjustments.

In contrast, treatment with Invisalign takes around 18 months on average, which flies by when you consider the minimal discomfort and visibility the aligners create compared to the fixed braces alternative. You visit the practice less often, too, exchanging your own aligners when you’re due for the next stage of your treatment and coming in for an occasional checkup.

You know what to expect when using Invisalign

Whether you want to fix crooked teeth, an overbite, underbite, or gaps between your teeth, you know what to expect when choosing Invisalign for treatment. That’s because impressions taken of your teeth are used to create 3D virtual models that demonstrate the movement of your teeth over time with the Invisalign system.

It even shows you what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment. The customized aligners and treatment plan ensure your success.


To discover more about Invisalign and to learn if it’s the ideal solution for correcting your smile, schedule an appointment with Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry today by calling the office or booking online.

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