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In house Custom Made Dentures

An old woman smiling with her hands beneath her chin in Santa Clarita,  If your dentures suddenly break and you are about to fly off on a vacation or you have an urgent meeting the following morning, there is no need to panic. Visit us here at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry so we can get you same-day dentures for you to flash that flawless smile and go conquer the world.

No Wait Time

As the name suggests, same-day dentures have zero waiting time. This means that when you walk into our clinic, you leave with a fresh set of dentures. Our professionals quickly measure out your mouth and cast a pair of dentures for you right away. These dentures can be worn instantly, and they function just as well as traditional dentures do.


Just like traditional dentures, same-day dentures are also non-invasive. You don't have to worry about any recovery time or aches and pains once you get these dentures. They are just as comfortable as traditional dentures and they are also painless. This makes it convenient for you to get used to these dentures almost instantly. Although the dentures are removable, we ensure it doesn't feel like an alien object in your mouth. This makes it convenient for you to use them regularly.

They Look Natural

In case you are holding back because you believe that same-day dentures look artificial and do not resemble your natural teeth, then you need to come in and check out our same-day dentures that look exactly like the real deal. Our professionals take the time to craft a set of teeth that look exactly like your natural teeth. If you are opting in for partial same-day dentures, we ensure that we match your tooth color with the color of your dentures so it looks like a complete set. We do not create extremely white fake-looking teeth, but we give them a natural shade that will fit and look right in your mouth.


If you thought that same-day dentures were temporary then you need to come and check the ones we create. Our same-day dentures can last just as long as traditional dentures and they look the same too. There is no difference in the shelf life of these dentures and there is no difference in the functionality either. The only difference is the time that it takes to create traditional dentures versus same-day dentures. If you have no time in hand and you want to restore your smile, same-day dentures are the way to go.

Easy To Adapt To

It doesn't take you a long time to get used to same-day dentures since they are non-invasive. Once you learn how to fit them in your mouth and take them out perfectly, it shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes to get used to them. These dentures are easy to use and they will last a long time if you keep up with your regular dental appointments with us.

If you are on a time crunch and you are missing a couple of teeth, don't let that get to you. Give us a call at 661-513-3919 or visit us at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry to get your perfect set of teeth.